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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Kristopher Pursel

The Top 8 Digital Experience Issues Impacting Your ROI

While no two businesses are the same, most share common and addressable issues that can drive immediate and positive impact on the bottom line, some incremental and others in significant ways. There is no doubt that technology is changing fast, so we will share with you the most recent common opportunities that businesses are missing out on for the best return on investment.

About Kristopher Pursel

Kris has been supporting eCommerce / digital experience merchants for almost a decade, starting out as a product manager before joining his first agency. Together with Krish TechnoLabs, they work to fully align with and understand a business’ needs first hand to both suggest and workshop the best solutions to what can often times be complex business problems, ranging from technical to those more strategic / operations-centered. While Kris and team are centered around eCommerce software development, the business has evolved with the market to serve as a business technology integrator and a team of digital experience consultants. Whether your digital strategy today includes online sales or not, customers everywhere are now demanding a refined online experience that all businesses should consider, which is where the Krish TechnoLabs team is ready to support you.