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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Networking at the E-Commerce, Packaging and Labeling

Beyond the chance to explore innovative packaging options, test out exciting labeling tools, and hear insightful talks from the industry’s best-qualified voices, E-commerce, Packaging & Labeling Expo also offers a valuable space for networking opportunities for our attendees.

Why Attend Networking Events as a Professional?

Whether you’re just getting used to the process of packing up goods, have been labeling boxes for years, or sit somewhere in between, professional networking has so much to offer.

Lead Generation

By talking with plenty of professionals and collecting their contact details, you’re generating potential business opportunities – people you can market to further down the line.

Long-Term Collaborators

You never know who you might meet. With everyone from sustainability specialists to efficiency experts present, you could build any number of lasting collaborations at the event.

Limitless Advice

Whether you need cutting-edge advice on reducing your packaging footprint or some time-honored dropshipping tips, there will be so much wisdom under one roof at the expo.

Industry Awareness & Profile

To cement your place in the industry, networking opportunities like this shouldn’t be missed. Better understand the standards of your peers while raising your profile.

Where? Our Dedicated Networking Area

To facilitate all the exciting conversations and outcomes that come from professional meetings, we set up a dedicated networking area within the event. This is your space to get a moment away from all the engaging content and simply get to know the other visitors to the event. Take a seat, relax for a moment, and have a chat here – you never know where it might lead.