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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Jesse Richardson

Combining Cannabinoids with Mushrooms, Adaptogens & Herbs

Learn how hemp works with others ingredients, such as functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and other popular herbs in plant-based medicine. This seminar with include a review of existing research and present examples of how to incorporate supplemental ingredients into your CBD products, to produce both intriguing products to consumers and formulas that provide enhanced effects and benefits.

About Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is the co-founder and Chief Formulator at The Brothers Apothecary, a hemp-focused superfood company founded in 2015. Richardson has studied nutrition and plant-based medicine for over 10 years, most recently at Cornell University for Ethnobotanical Research and Plant-Based Medicine. At The Apothecary, he has developed over 60 unique formulas many of which use a patented production method designed by Richardson to enhance bio-availability of lipophilic molecules, including cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.