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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Jeffrey Herrington

Sustainable Packaging Technologies

Arranti''s Sustainable Packaging Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses package their products! Our cutting- edge technology, advanced materials and premium printing techniques. Say goodbye to boring packaging and hello to eco-friendly solutions! Visit our website to learn more about our Stand-Up Dual Chamber Pouch, Mini-me Cube pouch, Cubi-Pak and Beyond Spout

About Jeffrey Herrington

Discover the story of Jeffrey Herrington, the innovative mind behind Arranti''s sustainable packaging solutions! Learn how his journey and commitment to eco-friendly practices have shaped the flexible packaging industry and the success of Arranti. Connect with fellow professionals and businesses in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors who share the same passion for sustainability and innovation. Read Jeffrey Herrington''''s full biography on our blog: http://www.Arranti.com/blog/jeffrey-herrington-biography