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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Heather Marianna: Speaking at the E-Commerce, Packaging and Labeling

Heather Marianna

CEO - Beauty Kitchen

How to Utilize White Label to Start Your Brand

Heather Marianna the CEO of Beauty Kitchen and owner of Beauty Brand Coaching will speak on what to look for in a manufacturer, how to price your products, and how white labeling saves you time and money, as the owner of several factories that create hair, skin, and pet products she has helped create thousands of brands.

About Heather Marianna

I started Beauty Kitchen back in 2012 when I quit my 9-5 job. I always had issues with my skin and did a lot of DIY methods to treat it using fresh items. In 2012, I launched the YouTube series Beauty Kitchen where I showed people how to do exactly what I was doing. I''ve always been a natural teacher and sharer of information. In 2013, I took it a step further and began selling Beauty Kitchen''s now famous sugar scrubs and adding other products to my own line.

Building beauty brands, a successful business, and the manufacturing for my brands , all from ground up has taught me a lot. Where to cut costs, how to market bulk orders, wholesaling, pricing, payroll, insurance, business credit, public relations... you name it, I''ve done it and probably made several mistakes along the way. I want to help people avoid those same mistakes when building their beauty brands.

Over the course of the last ten years, I''ve helped countless people launch their own brands through private labelling, even including a few celebrities and TV personalities! I am ready to help launch your brand from its initial idea phase to having retail ready products in hand.

The knowledge I''ve gained over the last 10 years is crucial information that anyone starting out can use to get a jump above the competition. Having a coach is nothing new to most people. In fact, most high performers and members of the 1% have a coach. So why not utilize a coach to help you build your brand? Pull you out of the rut on bad days? Keep you motivated and going? I currently have a business coach as well as a spiritual coach, and they both have helped me tremendously. Think having a coach is out of reach? So did I. The best investment you can make for your brand is an investment in yourself.

When I decided to go full-force with brand coaching for skincare, I knew I would enjoy building more brands. If you aren''t ready for full, one-on-one coaching, be sure to check out the workbook downloads, the mini courses, and product packages that come with a limited run product line and private calls with me personally over Zoom. I also can tailor a package for your exact needs, whether you have a new or existing brand. I even have some group coaching in the works!