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LAS VEGAS | 16 APR & 17 APR 2025 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Dr. ZaLonya Allen, PhD

President/CEO - National Entrepreneurs Association

Think Like an Entrepreneur: 7 Secrets to Breakthrough Mental Barriers

Pursuing your passion as an entrepreneur will take you on an amazing journey. That journey will include taking risks, overcoming challenges and experiencing rejection. Your thinking will ultimately determine your results. Do you think like an entrepreneur? During this session you will learn about common mental barriers entrepreneurs face along with key strategies that successful entrepreneurs use to think positive, increase confidence and breakthrough mental barriers with greater ease!

About Dr. ZaLonya Allen, PhD

Speaker Biography: Dr. ZaLonya Allen is President/CEO of the National Entrepreneurs Association, a 501c3 non-profit corporation created to empower entrepreneurs to grow. She is a psychologist, speaker and coach committed to helping entrepreneurs experience exponential growth.
As a speaker Dr. Allen has delivered hundreds of presentations for organizations throughout the country. As a coach she has helped professionals in a variety of industries, from corporate executives to professional athletes, transition into entrepreneurship. Using the principles of psychology, Dr. Allen helps clients master their mindset and get on a path to goal attainment.
Dr. Allen is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and North Central University. She holds degrees in industrial relations, sociology and two degrees in psychology. Dr. Allen has served on numerous boards including the National Speakers Association of Michigan and she is a member of the American Psychological Association. For more visit nationalentrepreneurs.org.