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LAS VEGAS | 8 MAY & 9 MAY 2024 Las Vegas Convention Center
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Bob Makofsky and Murray Rundle

Guide to Ship Small Merchandise for 50% Less

Learn how top eCommerce brands are shipping small merchandise for half the cost. We will break down the complicated web of USPS rules and regulations to show you how to ship orders for $1.41 as a Flat instead of $3.88 as a Parcel. Master how to ship small merchandise - everything from toothbrushes and jewelry to socks and t-shirts - as a USPS Flat instead of Parcel rates.

About Bob Makofsky and Murray Rundle

Bob Makofsky has read the USPS Domestic Mail Manual more times than he wants to admit. With 20+ years of experience designing packaging to align with USPS rules and regulations, he brings a unique perspective to eCommerce packaging design focused on elegant, eco-friendly paper-based packaging purpose-built to reduce postage expense.

Murray Rundle is a veteran of the North American packaging industry having developed and sold hundreds of millions of paper-based, consumer-facing packaging products. With 30+ years of design, development, and creative selling experience, he and his team are laser-focused on providing consistent and reliable packaging manufacturing to brands ranging from start-ups to multi-national.